Eating Well

Eating Well Is There an Extra Ingredient in Nonstick Pans? By MARIAN BURROS THE question of whether Teflon cookware is safe has moved from Web site chatter to the courtroom. But more than nonstick frying pans are under scrutiny these days. Scientists are examining the chemical makeup of other products like food containers to gauge [...]

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Study: Doctors limited in Rx training WASHINGTON (AP) With abuse of prescription drugs growing rapidly, many doctors and pharmacists say they have received limited training in dealing with pain-relievers, stimulants, tranquilizers and other controlled prescription drugs. One factor behind the growth is that people easily can get these drugs from doctors, friends, relatives and through [...]

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AllState To Pay Millions

Allstate to pay $60 million in Texas refunds Homeowners to benefit after state regulators challenged rates By TERRENCE STUTZ / The Dallas Morning News AUSTIN – Allstate Texas Lloyds, the second-largest home insurer in the state, announced Monday that it will refund $60 million to its 686,000 Texas customers under an agreement with state insurance [...]

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Are Jurors Fair?

Lawsuit juries harder to find Fear of 'jackpot justice' trumps law for some potential panelists By ANDREW TILGHMAN, Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle When state District Judge Elizabeth Ray summoned a pool of 93 prospective jurors to her Houston court last week, she thought that would be plenty from which to find an impartial group of [...]

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Steps to Safer Beef

Steps to Safer Beef? Much of What Advocates Propose, Cattlemen and Government Oppose By Margaret Webb Pressler, Washington Post Staff Writer Food safety has been a top-of-mind issue since the first U.S. case of mad cow disease was discovered just before Christmas. To regular consumers not normally tuned in to debates over the beef industry's [...]

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Doctors Skunked

Doctors now learning what average homeowners know well By Carlos Guerra, San Antonio Express-News As the off-day election in September on Proposition 12 drew near, many Texas doctors personally asked their patients to vote for it. Some may now be asking what Texas homeowners have asked for years: Where are the promised lower insurance premiums? [...]

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